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VoIP Features That Your Business Needs Best


Nowadays, several small-scale businesses are shifting toward VoIP business phone systems, replacing their old and traditional telephone system. There are so many benefits that can be experienced from using the service; however, not many businesses are placing much importance or even aware of its best features. Other than call waiting, voicemail, call forwarding, toll free numbers and remote operation, you can experience great utility from several other small business-friendly features.




This feature can greatly augment the security of your building. The integration of an analog door phone allows you to come up wit double ways to check coming visitors. It gives you the ability to command for opening the door after having checked the credibility and worthiness of the visiting person.




For mobile workers, this feature will be a huge help. In this feature, the call is routed to the other phone numbers that you provide before ending up in voicemail. You may include in the list your mobile phone number, home phone, Yealink Voip Phones and so on and so forth. The great thing about the feature is that it lets you become more reachable.




As the name implies, the feature gives you the ability to transcribe your voicemail messages into text. After that, the transcribed text will be directly sent to your email. Of course, you can choose to which email the text will be sent. It increases your efficiency in handling tasks. Gone is your need for you to scribble numbers, names and addresses. You can access your email account during your leisure time and gather the important details of your voicemail. It gives you the power to search, delete, mark and organize your voicemails in a manner that could have been impossible.




Call screening is a feature that a lot of people have failed to use to their best benefit. But if you have a time to spare to check its benefits, you can use to your great advantage. You can decide how to respond to a number calling after checking it on the caller ID. In case your spouse is calling you, you can choose to redirect the call to your mobile phone. If you are trying to avoid the person calling you, then you can decide to disconnect him.


As a conclusion, VoIP business Yealink Phones systems really provide a great number of features that can lay down in the table a high level of usefulness.